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Headlight Modifications

Plastic Angel Eyes

One of my favourite aesthetic modifications on my car. A lot of it was guesswork but it came together quite nicely. Another page that doesn't require any description. I carried out the entire modification myself.

23032009048 Angel1 AngelNight Difference DSCF1626


Glass Angel Eyes

Pretty self explanatory, exactly the same as the plastic ones....... except glass. There is one pretty significant difference with these ones though. Instead of just gluing the bulbs on I decided to grind out the inner lenses so that the bulbs will fit snugly, for more of an OEM look.

15062009090 15062009092 15062009093 16062009094 16062009104 16062009109 DSCF1905 DSCF1907 DSCF1911 DSCF1913 DSCF1920 DSCF2123