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Engine Bay Modifications

Engine Bay Part I

When I got the car the engine bay had never been touched other than to add a dodgy filter and an FMIC kit. I always wanted to have a nice engine bay but couldn't be arsed with the hassle regarding keeping it blingy etc etc. I decided that instead of going with full on bling I would go with the "black is the new bling" train of though. I started painting bits and bobs black but decided to change the FMIC piping to silver. Once it was on the car it just didn't seem to go with anything so they ended up black too. My aim is to have everything that i can painted black or red. Red is just being used to accent it all so I'm not going OTT with it. It is still a WIP at the moment so please excuse the dirty engine bay, I'm just trying to give an idea of what it will be like. First thing to go was the HKS Induction Kit.

DSCF0596 DSCF0607 588490197581593ef170892116395f2b 3fa3afdc8c306f5c5a9f40218ddcbc16 8facc8419114b754577b8196eb4caf9c DSCF1597 DSCF1806-1000-800 DSCF1601 b202b8469c00c4b00cbfaeb35420ded0 DSCF1732 DSCF1808 DSCF1016 DSCF1019 DSCF1991


New Oil Pump, Water Pump & Front Crank Oil Seal



Engine Bay Part II

I got a "Supra" logo'd radiator plate to start finishing off the engine bay. The trouble was that it stood out a little too much due to it being shiny. This set off a cunning plan in my head. I decided to buy an FMIC cover plate and paint both of them black. During this painting process I noticed that the "Supra" logo would most likely go un-noticed. This is when another plan hatched to get the logo red. This took a bit of noggin scratching but as you can see, I got there in the end.

17062009112 DSCF1923 DSCF1924 b0eb97eb2eb2bae98bdacda4c47bef1f


Optima Redtop Battery &

IMG_1613-800 IMG_1631-800



IMG_2301-900 9997c8eb8525093503b3d726c21db0ff IMG_2314-900


Battery Tidy
Battery Tidy I was always annoyed with the fact that I couldn’t fit my expansion bottle in due to the new battery and cage. I decided I was going to have a go at moving it a little bit. In order to do that I would need to seriously re-work the terminal cables and the extra wires connected to the battery. I got myself 2 distribution blocks and set to work. I trimmed the +ive connection on the fusebox all the way back to a stub, that way the block attaches itself there and holds firm in place. I then routed heavy duty cable round behind where the battery will be, into the wing and out through behind the headlight. I did a similar exercise with the –ive cable and the job was done. It has tidied up the wiring and overall look in the battery area no end. At the same time I decided to look at the rats nest of wires connected to the +ive terminal due to a lazy alarm install. I have moved them up next to the charcoal canister and have 1 tidy cable now connecting them all to the newly fitted distribution block.


Engine Bay Part III

During all this I thought it was time to spruce up some of the paint in my engine bay. As I hadn't used any special paints some of the areas were looking a little tired and in need of some attention. First I had a go with the spark plug cover, it has seen better days so I just gave it another coat with matt black. I then painted the cap screws red to go with the theme but after seeing it on the car decided against the idea so went back to black. I also re-painted the battery cage cover, the radiator plate, the FMIC plate, the radiator clamps and various screws, nuts & bolts black. At the same time I painted the viscous fan bright red along with the bonnet shut switch.

IMAG0207-1000 IMAG0212-1000 IMAG0214-1000 IMAG0215-1000 IMAG0229-picsay IMAG0236-picsay 


Painted viscous fan & cowling

IMG_5201-1000 IMG_5230-1000 IMG_5222-1000 


Painted reservoir bottle and newly tidied battery installed



Repainted Rad clamps, Rad plate and FMIC plate



Overall Pics

IMG_5216-1000 IMG_5223-1000 IMG_5228-1000


New Cooling Plate

Just got an ARP cooling plate for a good price. It was originally carbon but I sprayed it to match the rest of my engine bay.

IMG_6497-1000 IMG_6489-1000 IMG_6475-1000


Boost Controller

Next up was the boost controller. Picked up this little gadget from a member on Turns out it's a really well spec'd bit of kit. Can see the solenoid in the bay here.



Little Tidy

When fitting the boost controller I found that a couple of vac lines needed to be blocked off. As a temporary fix I used a screw to block it. This obviously needed looked at so eventually I got some nice red plugs that fit snugly in the ends. You can see one of them here.