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Exterior Modifications


Right from the start I had the idea of giving the car a re-spray. I didn't have the money to do it right away but when I started saving I decided that I would do everything at the one go. I started buying the bits and bobs that I wanted to put onto the car. It started with the TRD spoiler, then the overfenders, then the spats, then the front bumper and lastly the UK scoop & hood. Once I had all the bits and bobs it was time to send her in. I didn't take many pictures of the re-spray itself but I have put up what I have.

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Rear Lights

For ages I have wanted to get stock Jspec rear lights. Reason being I have always had UK spec and I prefer the "Afterburner" look. At the same time I decided to do the 'full on' fog light mod. Everything went great until I went to transfer the C-West light covers over..... I cracked one of them. This left me with a bit of a dilemma, either do without, buy new ones or tint the lenses. After having so much success with the ETech spray I decided to give that stuff a go. The results were VERY impressive. I'm going to give them a quick lacquer for that full on gloss finish.... still to do though. Picture shows the old UK spec above, and the new Jspec below.



The new lights didn't last long. I got the opportunity to purchase a set of facelift lights at a good price. What with my car being a facelift I decided to jump at the chance. You wouldn't know it, due to the tinting, but my lights are now facelift.




The exhaust was something that always bugged me. When I bought the car the guy said it had been De-Catted. Being naive I didn't check this but when I got it home and had a look it turns out it had 1 de-cat, the 2nd and less important one. One of my early purchases was a 1st de-cat. Having a look at the exhaust itself it appeared to be a 2.5" custom powerflow exhaust. I decided to get rid of it when I bought a de-cat pipe and it wouldn't fit properly without some cutting and shutting. Also I wanted a 3" exhaust that was lightweight and took as direct a route as possible. Soooo after a bit of browsing I eventually settled upon an RSR GT II exhaust system. At the same time I had to get a 2nd de-cat as the one on the car was made at the same time as the exhaust system so was only 2.5". I fitted the exhaust myself, got a few sore ones in the process lol. This is the finished article.



DSCF1799 DSCF1810


DSCF1809 DSCF1810