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Entertainment Modifications

The First Setup

I've always loved music and I'm a firm believer that the louder it is the better. So, I've had two cracks at the whip so far and I think I have it spot on now. The first setup was very loud but just didn't have the finesse I see in so many other installs. The 2nd one is a bit more up to scratch in my opinion.

2 Sony Xplod 500W 12" subs
2000W 2Ch Lanzar Amplifier
1000W 4Ch Lanzar Amplifier (started off with a boschmann 600w but this was a temp)
Vibe Slick 50 6.5" 2 Way Speakers Front & Rear
1.6 Farad Capacitor
Custom MDF & Hardwood boot build
Car PC
Sony MEX-R1 DVD Head unit
Lilliput 7" VGA Touch screen Monitor

The Car PC was custom built to a specific specification. It has a 2ghz processor, 2GB of ram, 120GB HDD, 3G Data card etc etc etc. This meant that even on the move I could use the internet. The PC ran home Vista & was built specifically for use in a car. Picture time.

2_0Ghz-Pre-Built DSCF0359 DSCF0363 DSCF0364


The Second Setup

I just wasn't happy with the boot install in general so I put pen to paper and crafted up some new ideas. The end result....

10" Solo Baric L5 Subwoofer
Kenwood KAC-8104D Mono Amplifier
Kenwood KAC-8404 4Ch Amplifier
Kenwood KAC-7204 2Ch Amplifier
Vibe QB69 6x9's
Vibe Quick Connectors

Again, I custom built the whole thing from scratch. I have left the Capacitor, the PC, the Monitor, the speakers and the head unit in place for now. The speakers will be getting changed for Alpines in the near future. Picture time...

KENWOOD-KAC-7204 KENWOOD-KAC-8104D KENWOOD-KAC-8404 QB69\'s Sub Untitled c520a49b67a5ba229d7ea6fb026632ff 88d664eb720ea62d33a1c0bc2686cabf 7f8cea35abd5c7f8c80ae0d176cc48dd 697f229974662a0400367b473efbff15 DSCF1803


A little refresher

Just overhauled the whole system software & hardware wise. I didn't need to upgrade any of the actual PC components but I did get rid of a few bits and bobs. I no longer have the PCMCIA Data Card as I now connect directly to my phone via bluetooth. Not only can I use the connection for hands free but also for surfing the web. I have now installed Windows 7 and I am using Centrafuse as a front end. Every component of the PC is hidden away & other than the monitors the only thing visible is the GPS dongle. I have added a 7" monitor to the glovebox for the passenger, due to the console being more driver orientated. The iPod connects directly to the PC and is controlled via the Centrafuse front end, it remains hot swappable. I have also hooked up a 7 port USB powered hub, this allows me to connect everything I need to the rear ports while having the front ports available for dongles & my DVB-T tuner etc. I don't think it is visible in the pictures but there is a small microphone in the heater vent above the touchscreen, this is for hands free calling. I just need to trim the glovebox setup and it will be finished.

IMG_0547 IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0556


New Components

I had always planned on getting some decent components. For my 30th my Wife decided to treat me and get the speakers I have craved for ages. I ordered a set of Focal 165VR and ended up getting a free upgrade to the 165V30, the 30th anniversary edition speakers. I was over the moon until I set about trying to fit them. As you can see from the picture it didn't go quite according to plan at the start. I ordered some spacers and then set to work a 2nd time. Fortunately it all came good in the end.


IMG_2070-900 IMG_2071-900



IMG_2258-900 IMG_2256-900 


Not quite going according to plan

At first it was going wrong thanks to the brackets not being quite right.



All Finished

Managed to rectify the problem with the help of some MDF spacers.

IMG_2262-900 IMG_2263-900 IMG_2266-900 IMG_2268-900 IMG_2272-900



Video Demo


Ice Install Part III

I Decided to re-wire most of the audio install in the boot. It was a complete mess of wires underneath the boxes. Unfortunately (less embarrassing for me) I don't have any "before" pictures, but you can trust me that it looked an absolute state.

I also got rid of the capacitor that I had in place as I think it was draining current from my battery, useless piece of junk regardless so it's gone.

First I wiped out the spaghetti, boot plastics and inserts. I then bought some nice spanking new cable and a couple of distribution blocks. I cut all the cable to length then tie wrapped it together to keep it neat-ish. I then worked the cable around the back quarter of the boot and into position for the fast plugs. I then wired up the fast plugs in each of the 3 positions required (for when the amps are in place). Excuse the dirty boot and grubby bits and bobs, I won't be cleaning until everything is final.

IMG_5171-800 IMG_5172-800 IMG_5173-800 cf360e02023ee84ebea28ac963a35928


I then put the LHS insert in place and checked the lengths etc.



Then it was time for the rest of the inserts, the board and fitting the carpet in place.

IMG_5185-800 IMG_5187-800


And then onto the test fitting. First the subs go in and get pushed right to the back, as I was test fitting I didn't bother wiring them in but each speaker has bullet connectors for quick release. The amp rack then sits on top of the subs/speakers while everything gets plugged in and then it gets slotted into space.

IMG_5187-800 IMG_5193-800 IMG_5196-800


Finally Finished (until next time)

I've been working my bum off the last couple of days. The funny thing is that it doesn't look like I have done much.

I finished off all the wiring for the boot install, including heat shrinking all of the cables. They all run in behind the boot panels. The only cable missing is the one for the sub but I need to get some heavier speaker wire to do that.

3 power cables
3 earth cables
3 remote cables
4 sets of RCA cable
6 sets of speaker cable (sub will make 7)



Perspex Annoyance

Just a little update but it has always annoyed me. I finally got around to changing the decals on the perspex to some nice red ones (to go with everything else in/on the car.