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Interior Modifications

The Dash

Modifying the dash has to be one of the simplest things I have done to the car. It can really bring the interior of the car bang up to date. I got a blue LED dash conversion from a member on the forum and I had the dash sprayed by a bodyshop. I wanted to bling the dash up a little bit so I made some shiney knobs in work along with some other stainless bits and bobs. The heater dials I got online. The Greddy boost gauge stood out like a sore thumb so I sold that on in favour of an HKS gauge. It was the same size but had a black background and lit up blue. Nothing much else to say really, I will let the pictures do the talking. I have now dumped the HKS boost gauge in favour of a triple A-Pillar pod with new Digital gauges.

DSC00522 048117b487d54ce933c0d18552dd0f26 DSCF0629 DSCF0626Bezels2DSCF062505032008044DSCF2023DSCF2133


Glovebox Install

Just about finished with the dash now, just a bit of minor trimming to be done and it is finished.

IMG_0543 IMG_0547 IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0556 IMG_0562 IMG_0571 IMG_0604 77539b56bb92466d4f6fbaaf510e1e32


Leather Seats & A new Steering Wheel

Finally got the seats & steering wheel sorted out. Recaro Speed in Ambla Leather and an IS200 Steering wheel with Toyota badge. Last picture is the OEM Recaros being boxed for the loft.

904aba9694e965e2f6bd90393223b811 IMG_1944-800 IMG_1955-800 IMG_1959-800 IMG_1961-800



Even though the Recaros are my favourite seats, I just couldn't live with them. They are too narrow for my frame and they sit too high for my height. It was at this point I decided stock was the way forward for me so I bought myself a set of stock cloth seats and had them retrimmed. Pictures in the car to follow, I need to wire the seats in due to the drivers side being electrically adjustable.



Wheely Nice

I also got the chance to buy a Celica Gen7 wheel so I jumped at it. Pics of the old wheel next to it and the new wheel on it's own. Next in line will be a TRD badge.

IMG_5360-1000 IMG_5340-1000



When I found out one of the members was working on a dual colour PCB design for the dash I asked if it would be possible to have the colours change at the redline. The answer was an emphatic yes and with that I placed my order. The outcome is the following.


TRD Time

Managed to get the TRD badge sorted.




I've always thought about getting an electronic boost controller but I kept on putting it off. One came up that took my fancy so I jumped at it. Now installed and working a treat. As you can see from the pictures it fitted in the RHS air vent perfectly.

IMG_6463-1000 IMG_6470-1000