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Japfest May 2009

Japfest was my first proper club event. 1000s of cars on show with lots of tracking fun. Had a great weekend.

16052009071 16052009072 16052009073 DSCF1811 DSCF1812 DSCF1813 DSCF1814 DSCF1815 DSCF1816 DSCF1817 DSCF1818 DSCF1820 DSCF1821 DSCF1823 DSCF1829 DSCF1830 DSCF1831 DSCF1832 DSCF1833 DSCF1834 DSCF1835 DSCF1836 DSCF1837 DSCF1838 DSCF1839 DSCF1840 DSCF1854 DSCF1857 DSCF1858 DSCF1859 DSCF1861