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Prior to the Supra I was the proud owner of a MK2 Toyota MR2 Turbo. It was a Rev2 model and was tuned to the MR2 equivalent of BPU (around 280hp). If ever there was a car to put a smile on your face, this is it. I grinned from ear to ear everytime I turned the key.


Apexi Air Intake
Decat Pipe
Fast Road Cams
Forged Pistons
Fuel Cut Defencer
Fujitsubo Titanium Exhaust
Manual Boost Controller
RPS Clutch
Black Diamond Grooved Brake Discs
Pagid Fast Road Pads
17" Advan Super Racing 7j Front, 8j Rear
Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres
Full Respray
Light Cowels Colour Coded
Rev6 Rear Panel (Delocked)
Supra Front Indicators/sidelights
Rev3 Tail Lights
Veilside Bodykit (Full)
Blitz Boost Gauge
Single Gauge Pillar Pod
Dash Colour Co-ordinated
Itavolanti Steering Wheel
Sports Recliners
Boschman 600w 4ch amp
MEX-R1 Sony Headunit (DVD Player)
Sony Ipod Connector/controller
TV & Monitor
Cat 2 Immobiliser
Short Shifter Kit

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Evo V

As much as I had always wanted to own one I must admit the Evo was very disappointing. I stepped up from a 2.2 Diesel Vectra so the performance gains etc were definitely there, but the car just left me numb after a few months of owning it. It was very uninvolved with regards to the driving. Without doubt the fastest car that I have ever gone point to point in. The way it handles is scary. 

It was pretty much stock other than the boost being increased a little and an aftermarket air filter. It was running just over 300bhp thanks to those little mods. The interior had also been changed to a rare edition of the Evo IV seats. Oh, and the rear lights... but lets not talk about them.

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