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The Supras Single Install

And so it begins

Over the last year I have been saving my money and spending wisely in order to get my single turbo install underway. I decided that when my insurance ran out this year I would get cracking and go for it myself. Well... that day arrived on the 10th of August (yesterday) and I didn't mess about. This is the scariest and most exciting thing I have ever done with a car. Prior to owning the Supra the furthest I had taken a car regarding mechanics was a service. It's been a learn as I go project, and it's just went into overdrive. The aim by the end of all this is 700hp. 


Main Spec

Greddy 4 Row FMIC
Glowshift Boost Gauge
Innovate AFR Gauge
Glowshift EGT Gauge
OEM Fresh Oil Pump
OEM Fresh Water Pump
OEM Fresh Front Crank Seal
Boostlogic 4" Exhaust system
Boostlogic Wrapped and coated manifold.
4" Boostlogic Downpipe
4" Boostlogic Midpipe
GSC Stage1 269/269
Bosch 900cc High Impedance Injectors
FIC Twin Feed Fuel Rail
44mm Tial Wastegate
ASI Aluminium Radiator
Precision Billet 6765  Turbo with Antisurge & Ported Shroud
Syvecs ECU with boost control, Launch Control & Trac control setup
RPS Twin Disc Carbon/Carbon Clutch
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump with in-tank kit
Braided Fuel Lines
AEM 4" Air Filter
Springs & Retainers -Brian Crower Titanium springs & retainers
OEM Rear Crank Seal
OEM Cam Seals
Oil Pressure & oil temp gauge in one


The Head

 I bought a head from the supra forum that had been freshly cleaned, skimmed and had new valve stem seals. I bought a set of titanium valve springs and retainers to replace the stock items. The main reason for this is that I want to run just over 7k RPM. The aftermarket springs & retainers just give that bit of cushion. Here it is after all the hard graft.




Before I started

IMG_7250-1200 IMG_7252-1200


Day 1

I started to strip down the turbo side of the engine. First I removed the bumper, lights, air filter, turbo pipes and intercooler pipes. I also removed the wheels, decats and exhaust.




Day 2

I concentrated on removing the turbos. It wasn't actually as hard a job as I thought it was going to be. Some of the fixings had me swearing at them but only because of how difficult it is to get torque on some of them. The hardest part was splitting the EGCV from the turbo assembly. It just didn't want to budge, I persuaded it eventually though.

2980dda9c645e57aaaabe9220e52f20f ac64661200d4705f2419af61a774def7


Day 3

I concentrated on removing the timing belt, pulley wheel, water pump etc. Again I was lucky, everything came off reasonably easily. The only trouble I had was actually with the power steering pulley.....


After Which my hand looked like this....



Colour Coding

Decided to paint the intercooler as it was looking a little grubby. Got the water elbow done too.

2011-08-16 19.48.36-1200 2011-08-18 21.48.16-1200 IMG_7287-1200


Posties Been



Day 4

Made a good start on the intake side of the engine bay. The loom is an absolute PITA to work around. Think I'm just going to pull it right out the way so that I an get in about everything properly.

Intake, Fuel Rail, Lower Runners, Pressure tank, etc all off.

IMG_7296-1200 IMG_7298-1200


Day 5

Had an hour or 2 to work on the car today so managed to get the cams out. Once I had started I couldn't figure out why the caps had to be loosened over several passes. After 2 passes they were all finger loose. Of course I followed the manual anyway and just as I was getting ready to remove them the caps "BANG" the cam popped up and showed me why they were done a bit at a time and evenly. I absolutely crapped myself but thankfully everything was even so no harm done, I continued using the order in the manual and it came out with ease. I learned my lesson for the 2nd cam so I loosened them all a little bit, in order, then left it for a minute, this time I got a slight POP after a minute or so and then I continued with the order.

Phew, what a fun day

IMG_7299-1200 IMG_7304-1200


Found another spare hour so the head is off. I also ditched the charcoal canister while I was at it. Surprisingly no dramas at all removing the head. Very straight forward, gasket is off too. Once the head was off it was necessary to cover it so that no crap gets in.

IMG_7306-1200 IMG_7307-1200 IMG_7309-1200


Day 6

Got a fair bit done today. Managed to pull the loom through the firewall, I still have a couple of connections to disconnect in order to get it right off, the gearbox ones I'm really not looking forward to. I removed the front drivers side drop link (all being replaced) & suspension (for paint) and then stripped the rest of the drivers side of the engine bay. I then gave it a thorough clean & degrease then gave it a quick blow-over. Looking great in the flesh, will really come together once I've got the other side cleaned. I made a start by removing the PS reservoir and I took off the PS cooler.

Definitely adding a PS cooler to the list now, it is WAY past it's efficiency range.



Posties Been Again

HKS Ti 4" Exhaust System
Precision 6765 Billet Turbo
ARP Head Bolts
ATI Crank Pulley
Aeromotive FPR & Fittings
Billet Tensioner Bracket

IMG_7314-1200 IMG_7315-1200


And Again

19 Row Oil Cooler
Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate
Braided -10AN lines.



Day 7

The easy part is almost over. Stripping the bay has been great fun, I'm now going to take my time so that I can delay trying to put it all back together. I've decided that I'm going to get rid of the fuse box as well. I know I don't have to but while I'm here I might as well. Need to get some heavy duty tape to protect the wire, will see what I can get in work.

Next on the list is a bloody good scrub, a degrease and a paint.

IMG_7317-1200 IMG_7318-1200 IMG_7319-1200 IMG_7321-1200


Day 8

Postie paid a visit again.

Steering Wheel
Snap off Boss
Black Heat Wrap
Rad Cap (Up for sale)
Heat Shield
Fuel Lines

IMG_7324-1200 IMG_7325-1200



I then got cracking with the engine bay spruce. Finished off the bay and then set to work on the block. I've decided I'm just going to leave the head so I've left the oil pump. Will give everything a good degrease and I'll be good to go.

IMG_7326-1200 IMG_7327-1200 IMG_7328-1200