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The Supras Single Install

Day 9

Found a spare hour so managed to make some headway (ba-dum-tish).

The ARP studs are a bit of a pain. Instructions are very general. For example, you can't fit the studs and then fit the washers, you need to have the washers in place first. Oh well, they are in now. Not tightened up the head yet as I need to get a decent socket for it (the ones I have are all hex).

I just placed the cam covers on top to keep things extra clean now.

IMG_7347-1200 IMG_7349-1200 IMG_7350-1200 IMG_7351-1200 IMG_7354-1200


Painting Time

Spent my lunchtime painting bits and bobs getting ready for fitting again.

2011-08-29 19.11.40-1200


Day 10

I've really struggled for time this week so I decided to burn the candle at both ends and spend a couple of hours after work (backshift) last night to get some things started.

Head is now torqued down properly, shims are all in place and free, cams are now torqued down. I need to get a hold of a set of feelers so that I can check the shim clearance and then I need some "packing seal" to finish off the front cam bearing.

I've also started fitting the different bits and bobs. Water pump, alternator, aircon pump, brake master cylinder and power steering reservoir are all on.

IMG_7355-1200 IMG_7356-1200 IMG_7360-1200


Postman also made a small contribution with an AEM filter, a new Alternator, some spark plugs, a stubby hub adapter and a timing wheel.



Day 11

Not really got a lot I can do at the moment as I'm waiting on shims to finalize the cams so I decided to turn my attention to the suspension. The suspension top mounts were sticking out like a sore thumb so I decided to paint them.

I'm actually pretty glad I took them off the car, they were starting to corrode already. So much for the nickel coating blah blah protection stuff.


Before, during & after

IMG_7377-1200 IMG_7380-1200 cfe6b69e674c9529a1b9b8db056010a1 IMG_7382-1200 IMG_7383-1200  


Day 12

I bought a stubby kit hub from a member over at It really looked the part but unfortunately with the Supra fitting it means you lose the horn (ooeerr). I didn't fancy that so I decided to fashion my own brush contact. Took a little bit of messing around but I'm pretty happy with the end result. I also fitted one of the ebay short quick release hubs, absolutely cracking bit of kit. Took a little bit of fettling due to me using 2 short kits but other than that it went on great. Feels absolutely rock solid when the wheel is on so I'm over the moon.

IMG_7393-1200 IMG_7396-1200 IMG_7398-1200 IMG_7399-1200


I then finished off my coilovers, look pretty good if I don't say so myself. 2 down, 2 to go

IMG_7400-1200 IMG_7405-1200


Slow Days

Everything is down to slow motion at the moment. Waiting on Mr T delivering the linchpin shims to finish off the head. I loved the wheel I got but the one thing I could never live with was the strange, stick out like a sore thumb, yellow bit. Anyway, got a hold of some dye and went to town. Only done one coat so far, I'll get some more on it when it dries.



IMG_7443-1200 IMG_7444-1200



IMG_7445-1200 IMG_7448-1200


I ordered a TRD horn button a few weeks ago. Arrived today. It wasn't quite a straight forward fit as the size was a little larger than the previous one. I got there though. I'm over the moon with the wheel now.

IMG_7456 1200 IMG_7474 1200


Day 13

Finally got my shims from Toyota so not wanting to waste any time I set about fitting them and setting them up.

Before I started



Cams & Shims out



Shims laid out and ready

IMG_7480-1200 IMG_7482-1200


Shims in with 1st cam in place



Torquing Everything up & Checking Clearance

IMG_7487-1200 IMG_7489-1200 IMG_7492-1200


Job done



Day 14

The cam pulley wheels are fitted along with the timing pulley. Timing belt is on and it's time to dial in the cams properly.

IMG_7510 IMG_7511


Day 15

With the timing all set it's time to get the pulleys on and the crank pulley in place. This was an absolute nightmare of a job but I got there in the end. I also fitted the oil feed & return lines onto the block.

 IMG_7590 IMG_7591 031c577151590ddb598729a90e0f7dd0


Once that was done I moved onto a wire tidy. I finished off the drivers side and I started making progress on the passengers side. There's a LOT to do there but it's coming together slowly but surely.

IMG_7588 IMG_7589


Compressor Housing

Took some time to get the compressor housing on the turbo painted. I also painted the oil drain fittings which were blue (no blue allowed).

IMG_7603 IMG_7604 IMG_7605


Day 16

Not been working on the car for a while so it was time to get the hands dirty. I finished wrapping the manifold and then set about fitting it onto the head. This was a lot harder than you would think due to the studs being so close to the runners. Got it all fitted in the end though, along with the turbo, and got everything looking how I want it. It all has to come back off again though as the compressor outlet will need clocked with a 45 degree bend and the EGT fitting I have needs welded onto the manifold. Fun fun fun.

IMG_7719-1200 IMG_7720-1200 IMG_7721-1200


More Goodies

Went and picked up some more goodies from a forum member. Solaris S6 Stand alone ECU, HKS SQV Racing BOV, New Slimline HID kit, Boostlogic Turbo Blanket. I took the BOV into work and gave it a lick of black.

IMG_7754 IMG_7755


Day 17

Found a little time to get some work done so I got stuck right in. Turbo housing cut, viscous fan on, oil cooler fitted, PS cooler fitted, intercooler fitted and radiator fitted. Nothing is in permanent, I just want to get a feel for everything coming together. The turbo/manifold etc will all be coming off soon and the radiator will be coming back off for a paint. It's getting there though.

IMG_7772-1200 IMG_7774-1200 IMG_7775-1200 IMG_7776-1200 IMG_7778-1200 IMG_7779-1200 IMG_7780-1200 IMG_7781-1200 IMG_7785-1200 IMG_7786-1200


Lick o Paint

Did a bit of painting while I was quiet.

TRD Oil Cap
Coil Pack brackets painted & new screws fitted.
Hurst Line Lock Painted



On the car

IMG_7805-1200 IMG_7807-1200 IMG_7808-1200


Where has the time gone?

I've done nothing for ages, don't know what's going on but I fully intend to get the finger out soon. I think I have been running too many angles to concentrate on anything specific so I'll need to start knocking them down one by one.

On the plus side..... this arrived.

IMG_8123 IMG_8124 IMG_8125 IMG_8126