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The Supras Single Install

Day 18

At long last I got the finger out and found a couple of hours to do a bit of work on my car. It took me a half hour or so to get in the groove but I'm happy with the progress I made.

 Flowmeter Rivnutted in place and fuel lines loosely connected.
Lower runners fitted with fuel rail & Injectors
Loom partially in place and partially protected
Sandwich plate fitted with 4 sensors, oil filter put in place to protect/cover.
Wiring partially completed/hidden in inner wing.
Billet water elbow fitted
Intake manifold put into place to check wiring etc.
Throttle body custom fitted with HKS Super Racing BOV
Throttle body mounted in place for mock up.

IMG_8307-1400-1200 IMG_8308-1400-1200 IMG_8309-1400-1200 IMG_8310-1400-1200 IMG_8311-1400-1200 IMG_8312-1400-1200 IMG_8313-1400-1200 IMG_8314-1400-1200 IMG_8315-1400-1200 IMG_8318-1400-1200


Day 19

Finishing off the wiring loom and extending the injector pig tails etc so that I can get that side of things finished.


I got the pigtails done first.



I didn't get a great deal of time to spare today but with what I had I fitted -12an lines for the coolant (not sure if these will work or not) and I've soldered in the injector pigtails and almost got the loom finalised. Not a lot left to do on the loom to be honest, 2 more wires to extend then just a bit of securing and protection.

IMG_8320 IMG_8321 IMG_8322 IMG_8323 IMG_8324


Day 21

Not really sure how I missed out Day 20, there wasn't a lot missing anyway.


Well it definitely wasn't an easy one. It's been a couple of weeks in the making actually. I moved onto the drivers side to get the wishbones off and the lower one wasn't having any of it. I ordered a butane burner and burned the rubber out, to see if that would help, but it didn't work. I then cut off the wishbone with a hacksaw hoping that I would be able to get a better angle, I couldn't. I hammered the end till it was a mushroom but nothing worked. Eventually I got an angle grinder but even that was a task and a half. HOURS later the thing was chopped into bits and the job was done. Finished picture is the passenger side, easier to show off.


2013-03-24 12.50.302013-03-24 13.18.512013-03-24 13.27.05


Day 22

I finished sorting out the turbo, making sure the oil feed and return lines were all in place. I then tested the intercooler pipes along with the radiator hose, everything is looking OK so I think it's good to assemble. Set about plumbing in the wastegate too, didn't have a gasket to tighten everything down properly so ordering stuff up for day 23.

2013-03-24 14.38.02 2013-03-24 14.43.13


Day 23

As my welded stuff came I set about sorting out some odds and sods. Tubby is now fixed, oil feed and return lines are fixed, tubby to intercooler piping is now all lined up, viscous fan is in place and radiator & cowling is in its test location. Tightened up some things that were needing done and sorted the alternator pulley along with the PS pump and water pump pulleys.

2013-08-13 23.38.59 2013-08-14 00.52.26 2013-08-14 00.53.37


Day 24 - Pre clean

The place was an absolute pigsty so it was time for a tidy before I even started. I was at this for an hour.

2014-04-05 11.36.43 2014-04-05 12.35.21


Day 24 - Ingenuity Required

Had to use a bit of ingenuity as I only had 2 hands. Used the long nose pliers to hold the clamp in place so that I could get to the footery hard to reach areas easier. It was still a bitch of a job but less swearing was involved.

2014-04-05 14.10.20 2014-04-05 14.11.14 2014-04-05 14.11.53


Day 24 - Battery Box

The battery was always going to be tricky for me as I wanted it to be relatively neat. I decided to attach the radiator overflow to the opposite side of the lid so that it would all fit in neatly. A bit of guessing and adjusting required, but got there in the end.

2014-04-05 15.52.11 2014-04-05 15.52.28 2014-04-05 16.28.50


Day 24 - As it stands now

Everything bolted down and in place where it will go. Not saying that it's all permanent but I want to be sure everything around everything else is going to be ok. As you can see from the pictures I also set about sorting out the suspension. Got a LOT done today that isn't very obvious. Last pic shows how I left my table.... think I'll need to do this from now on to make sure it doesn't end up a disaster all over again.

2014-04-05 18.39.46 2014-04-05 18.39.51 2014-04-05 17.49.07


Day 24 - What is left to do

Some of the obvious things left to do. Taken as photo reminders. I need to hook up the power steering pump assist, sort out the dodgy blocked off port on the throttle body. Figure out if I need this secondary pressure port or whether I can just block it off (previously used for breather). Block up the water outlet on the head (I believe this was the throttle body cooler), better second pic. I need 8 mikalor clamps to finish off all the intercooler piping, I've bought countless clamps finally nailed down the right size. Sort out all the wastegate hoses and the loom wiring, get it neat and tidy. Wrap the decat pipe, clean out the coolant overflow (lots of angle grinding went on with it so it needs washed out before use). Plug in and wire up the AFR controller. Figure out what this wire is for (it's for the alarm but not 100% sure if it's positive or negative (I coded it red). Sort out the lower radiator hose (intercooler pipes, wastegate pipes and wiring first). Wire up the second EGT probe/gauge. Affix the breather pipes (Large AN front to rear, already made just need screwed on).

2014-04-05 17.49.43 2014-04-05 17.50.01 2014-04-05 17.50.12 2014-04-05 17.51.08 2014-04-05 17.51.23 2014-04-05 17.51.34 2014-04-05 17.51.41 2014-04-05 17.52.30 2014-04-05 17.52.49 2014-04-05 17.53.26 2014-04-05 17.53.40 2014-04-05 17.53.54 2014-04-05 17.54.24 2014-04-05 17.54.51 2014-04-05 17.58.18


Just another day

Popped out to check if the battery was holding charge. Turned out it was holding steady at 11.9 so I decided to bite the bullet and hook it up. I can't explain how much I was bricking it at this point lol. I shouldn't have worried though, all was well. While I was out there I plumbed in the power steering air valve (sussed it with a little help) and found out what the dangling wire was for (+ive for alarm system) so wired that up and the central locking was just fine. What I didn't think to do was turn the window wipers on so they ended up giving the dust on the screen a healthy smear across lol. Attached a couple of overall pics. Disconnected the battery and left it for my next push :)

2014-04-07 18.17.41 2014-04-07 18.17.48 2014-04-07 18.17.58 2014-04-07 18.18.11 2014-04-07 18.19.00 2014-04-07 18.19.15


Day 25

No pictures for this update but I have gotten quite a lot done. Decided it was time to sort out the dash wiring so that I can get the interior finished off (or at least looking a littlle tidier).

Wired in a fused distribution block to power all the gauges without having to splice into anything else.
Wired in my new oil pressure/temperature gauge.
Hacked the stereo adapter so that I didn't have a load of plugs and spices, now there is one, it's short and it goes directly into the stereo.
After all that was done I decided to try out the stereo and it was dead. I spent the next, almost, 3 hours hunting down the issue. Turns out I pulled a plug out when sorting out the engine loom and forgot to plug it back in. Doh! Oh well, all's well that ends well :)


Day 25 - Quite a big one

Went out planning to fit the mikalor clamps that arrived onto the intercooler pipes.. ended up almost finishing off the engine bay. Wiring all sorted out now, secured onto the alternator bracket with the solenoid attached to one of the mikalor clamps (as if it was made for it). Fitted the lower radiator hose, thermostat, etc. The little bungs also came so that's the 2 main worries all blocked up safe and sound (one coolant from the head, the other air from the intake manifold. Once I had everything tidied up, just for poops and giggles, I stuck on the intake for a peek. Looks good :D

2014-04-09 18.34.53 2014-04-09 18.49.31 2014-04-09 18.50.55 2014-04-09 18.53.24 2014-04-09 18.54.06 20140409_185141