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Suspension Modifications


When I bought the car it already had TRD suspension all round. The trouble with this kit is that it was ridiculously low.



It looks great slammed like that but with the bodykit it just wasn't practical. My first choice was to get a set of Espelir springs and put them on with the TRD dampers.

billies2 Espelir


The trouble was that these were STILL too low. Turns out that the TRD dampers are really low and really stiff hence why the height was hardly affected. So, from there I moved onto Megan Racing Adjustable coilovers. The great thing about this kit is that you can adjust the height without changing the spring rate. The only downfall is that you have to rotate the lower part of the strut to adjust the height, this means virtually removing the strut each time.... PITA!



How she sits now. Its not lifted THAT much, it's just enough to clear my garage ramp. One of the great things about the over fenders is they make the car look lower than it actually is.

DSCF1794 DSCF1799


Lick of Paint

No rest for the wicked they say. I have now changed over to HSD Coilovers. Very nice setup. During my Single Install (actually an overhaul) I decided to paint the HSDs to match the rest of the engine bay.

HSDVR500 IMG_7377-1200 IMG_7380-1200 IMG_7382-1200 IMG_7383-1200 IMG_7384-1200 IMG_7400-1200 IMG_7405-1200