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The Supras Timeline

How she started off life with me

Big bomex front

Veilside skirts

Veilside spats

Veilside wing

TRD bonnet

TRD wings

UK rear lights

Custom exhaust system inc 2nd Decat

HKS Filter

Greddy 3 Row FMIC

Colour Coding

Mines ECU

Avez 18" alloys


Back Front i9604 Side 



Of course I hadn’t had the car 2 minutes before deciding on the things I wanted to change so off I went in the pursuit of perfection.


Ice Install

First up was the stereo. I already had a CarPC setup so that was going in along with a couple of amps, subs and some new speakers all round.

CarPC Spec

2ghz Processor, built into the board
1gb DDR2 PC4200 Ram
Onboard Graphics 64mb shared
Onboard sound
120gb SATA HDD 5400 laptop
160W M2-ATX Smart Power Supply
Built in Bluetooth
Pioneer DVD-RW
Sirf III GPS Reciever


2000w Lanzar 4ch amp (250w RMS per channel) With remote bass boost
600w Boschman Amp (Was replaced with a 1000w Lanzar Amp)
2x 12" Sonly Xplod Subs 380w RMS each
1.6 farad Powercap
20GB Ipod

Up Front

Lilliput 7" Motorized Touchscreen VGA monitor
Sony DVD Headunit MEX-R1
Vibe Slick 60's 80w RMS front & rear


2_0Ghz-Pre-Built DSCF0359 DSCF0363 DSCF0364


Dump Valve

I then decided I wanted my Supra to sound like a bus so I went with the SSQV2 HKS Blow off Valve . Great bit of kit, all that it needs is the purple insert to make it sound less gay.


HID Lights & Alarm

Next was a lovely set of HID lights and a new alarm system. I still maintain that HIDs are one of the best mods you can do on a Supra. The stock lights are pretty awful to be honest. I just didn’t have any confidence in the original alarm, things were funny with it from day 1 so I went for a Concept 650 with intellistart (Remote start).



I then worked on updating the dash. I got in touch with Si (Heckler) about his dash kit and within a few days it was on my doorstep. At the same time I had the dash panels painted in gloss black, I deliberately left the paint a bit flat on the dash as it would really dazzle in the sunlight lol.

I then set about making aluminium & stainless bits and bobs to update behind the heater controls and the heater knobs. I also ordered up a set of metal monkey heater control backing things to finish it all off.


DSC00522 Bezels2 DSCF0408 File0010306-1000-800



From day 1 I had trouble getting my car into the garage. Reason being that the car was really low. I wanted it up a little bit, not a lot, just enough so that it would clear the ramp into my garage without me having to run at crazy angles. I decided on the Espelir springs as they were the minimum drop I could get for the Supra (-25mm)


Espelir billies2


TRD Spoiler

It took long enough but I finally turned my attention to that horrific eyesore of a spoiler. I had planned on getting a TRD spoiler virtually as soon as I got the car. Bought and test fitted. I had planned on getting the spoiler painted but I decided I would be getting a full re-spray so unfortunately it sat like this for a month or so, until I decided to attack it with a can of matt black.


TRD Test Fit


Decat & Boost Gauge

When I got the car it had a 1st cat back custom exhaust on it. The 1st cat was still in place though so I changed that over with one of the Envy decats. I also changed out the Greddy boost controller I had for a custom lit HKS one.




Suspension Part II

As with most modifications it is all trial and error. Even though I changed the springs on the car to higher ones than I had, the car was still too low. This was down to the TRD dampers that were on there. So I decided to bite the bullet and got myself a set of Megan Racing coilovers. Fitted them, adjusted them to the required height and the job was done.




Angel Eyes (Plastic)

I decided it was time for a change in the headlights and I had Angel Eyes in my sights. Took me a while to get it all done, as I had a bit of trial and error with the rings themselves. I bought a set of pre-facelift J-Spec lights and refurbished them at the same time, I also painted the insides to replicate facelift lights.


DSCF1626 Angel1 AngelNight



Hit a bit of a blip in my modifying campaign when I decided to fit a boost controller to my car. I connected it to the wrong connection on the actuator so I was getting no change in boost levels. When I finally figured that out I was rushing to get it finished so I left it in the position I had adjusted it to, big mistake and POP goes the 2nd turbo. So tubby set no.2 had to be bought and changed over. Ate a fair chunk of change buying and getting those changed but lesson learned I guess.




Induction Kit

At long last I took the plunge and threw out the HKS filter that had been on the car since I got it. I went with an ARC induction kit and I have been absolutely delighted with it since buying it. It was a very expensive induction kit, hence the reason for taking so long to actually get it.

DSCF0596 DSCF0607


Engine Bay

Next I went about sprucing up the rest of the engine bay. I did a fair bit of work to it including:


All turbo pipes Blasted and painted Black
Cam Covers blasted and painted Black
Heatshield Blasted and painted Silver
Hardpipe kit blasted and painted silver
Coilpack Brackets blasted and painted silver
Coilpacks cleaned
All coilpack screws replaced
Camcover Seals replaced
Camcover nuts and bolts replaced
Replaced blue couplers with red ones
Replaced all silicone hose clips
Added Strut Brace
Added gas dampers
Removed Bonnet stay
Sorted +ive battery terminal & cable (-ive to come)
Changed all vac hoses to red (Hose Techniques stuff)
Painted Vac Lines black
Rad Plate added





 AfterDSCF1597 DSCF1604 DSCF1806-1000-800



The front bumper had a crack in it when I got the car, which I made worse by using my remote start in gear lol. This meant that I needed a new bumper, which would need sprayed and also my spoiler needed sprayed. I decided that I would just go the whole hog and get a full re-spray. I decided to change the colour to Nissan Obsedian black and also fit a few other bits and bobs at the same time:

Do-Luck Front Bumper – Type2
Veilside Overfenders
Veilside Rear Spats
TRD Spoiler (finally getting sprayed properly)
OEM Roof Spoiler
UK Bonnet Scoop
Cwest Rear Lens covers
Likwid Art Badges

Soooopprraaaa SantasBeen 30042009068 08052009070 DSCF1795


Ice Install Part II

I was never happy with my initial install. It just looked to cluttered and I built it all on a budget. It was time to update it with a nice fresh build. New bits:

10" Solo Baric L5 Subwoofer
Kenwood KAC-8104D Mono Amplifier
Kenwood KAC-8404 4Ch Amplifier
Kenwood KAC-7204 2Ch Amplifier
Vibe QB69 6x9's
Vibe Quick Connectors
Carpet, Decals, MDF, Perspex etc.

DSCF1778 DSCF1780 DSCF1781 DSCF1802