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The Supras Timeline

RSR II Exhaust System

The custom exhaust on my car was only 2.5”. It was nice enough but when I got the chance to buy an RSR exhaust for a good price I jumped at it. I fitted it myself along with a 2nd de-cat, as the custom exhaust had the decat built in.

DSCF1809 DSCF1810


Angel Eyes Part II (Glass)

I loved my Angel Eye conversion but I had always fancied a set of glass headlights. I put my lights up for a swap and within days I had secured a nice set of UK spec lights. Of course I wasn’t going to leave them standard so that week I had them in bits and ready to have the Angel eye/Facelift conversion done. I decided to go the extra mile with these ones and shape out the inside of the lens so that the angel eyes fitted in a more OEM manner.

9a69cc37c2edfc0090c0e444a45b7bbf DSCF1905 DSCF1911 DSCF1920 DSCF2123 



I had just about completed the outside look of my car, all that was lacking was some nice wheels. I opted for the wheel mania Jade-R wheels. They became a very popular choice on the Supra and it isn’t hard to see why. I went for black as I was after the stealth look.




With the new wheels on there the Brakes really stood out as needing some attention. I decided to paint them red with white Supra decals. At the same time I switched out the discs with some 3G RS-10 grooved & dimpled ones, the Pads with Chris Wilson Fast Road pads and the brake lines with bright red Goodridge stainless ones. Also while stripping everything off I found the handbrake shoes were on their last legs so I went about changing those over along with a lot of the nuts/bolts/clips etc that hold them in place.

DSCF2002 DSCF1983 Brakes1


Engine Bay Part II

I had always wanted to get the intake manifold painted black to match the rest of the engine bay. I just wasn’t that confident with removing the assembly, hence why it took so long. One day I just decided to go for it along with a few other items:

Intake Manifold
Throttle Body
ARC Induction Kit
FMIC Plate
Radiator Plate
Intercooler Pipes
TRD Oil Cap Fitted
TRD Strut Brace

I painted everything black leaving the hoses etc to break it up.

17062009112 DSCF1016 DSCF1019 DSCF1991


Finishing Touches on the Outside

With everything coming together it was time to just put the finishing touches on the outside. I was going for a proper stealth look so I tinted the front indicators and the front and rear side markers.



Pete Tong Again

So I noticed I had a bit of an oil leak coming from the turbo. It had been like that virtually since I had the turbos changed over so I guessed the fitter had done something wrong. I turned out to just be a loose nut holding on one of the oil lines. I gave myself a nice pat on the back and thought nothing more of it until a few days later when I still had an oil leak only from the front of the engine. Turned out to be the main seal. I knew this was going to be a costly repair so I took the opportunity to get a few other things done at the same time:

Oil Pump
Water Pump
Front Crank Seal
Engine Steam Cleaned
AFR Installed
EGT Installed
New Boost Gauge Installed

I fitted the gauges with the exception of the sensors, so I had them done in a garage along with the other bits and bobs.

DSCF2159 DSCF2141


Optima Red Top Battery and Battery Cage

I had picked up a “Supra” battery cage earlier in the year but it wasn’t compatible with stock batteries so I bided my time and eventually got my hands on a red-top battery. The battery looks great in the cage but the one major downfall is the fact that the expansion bottle doesn’t fit where I had it. Bit of a WIP on that one lol.

IMG_1631-800 IMG_1613-800


Steering Wheel

One of the worst looking features of the stock interior is the steering wheel IMO. It just looks like a huge grandpa car steering wheel. So, it was out with the old and in with the new. I got my hands on a IS200 steering wheel (same fitment), removed and fitted a Toyota badge. Having a facelift meant that I had an airbag, kind of limited my choice of steering wheel but I think it turned out great.






Recaro Sports Seats

Finally managed to talk myself into splashing out for one of my biggest wants. I ordered the seats brand new and thankfully they fitted right onto the OEM submounts. IMO these seats are the best looking option in the Supra. I’m gutted about having to give them up due to being too big for them.

IMG_1955-800 IMG_1959-800


Ice Install Part III

I got 2 sets of Focal speakers. I had planned on getting them for ages and after getting some Birthday cash I decided to splash out and get them. At the same time I also built an in-glovebox install and overhauled all the software in my PC setup.

4 port USB Hub
7” Beat Monitor
4GB Ipod Nano
Centrafuse 2.0
Focal 165VR 30th Anniversary Edition
Focal 165CVX

It Didn't Go According To Plan


But got there in the end

IMG_2070-900 IMG_2071-900 IMG_2258-900 IMG_2262-900 IMG_2263-900 IMG_2266-900 IMG_2268-900 IMG_2272-900


Coilovers Again

I seem to get bored easily lol. An offer came up for a GB on HSD coilovers so I decided not to pass it up. Sold my Megan Racing ones in favour of the HSDs. Very pleased with them, they seem a bit more solid than the Megan Racing ones, although I had no complaints. The build quality is top notch and the adjustability is fantastic. I'm just running them in at the moment but they feel fantastic.



Battery Tidy

I seem to get bored easily lol. An offer came up for a GB on HSD coilovers so I decided not to pass it up. Sold my Megan Racing ones in favour of the HSDs. Very pleased with them, they seem a bit more solid than the Megan Racing ones, although I had no complaints. The build quality is top notch and the adjustability is fantastic. I'm just running them in at the moment but they feel fantasI was always annoyed with the fact that I couldn’t fit my expansion bottle in due to the new battery and cage. I decided I was going to have a go at moving it a little bit. In order to do that I would need to seriously re-work the terminal cables and the extra wires connected to the battery. I got myself 2 distribution blocks and set to work. I trimmed the +ive connection on the fusebox all the way back to a stub, that way the block attaches itself there and holds firm in place. I then routed heavy duty cable round behind where the battery will be, into the wing and out through behind the headlight. I did a similar exercise with the –ive cable and the job was done. It has tidied up the wiring and overall look in the battery area no end.

At the same time I decided to look at the rats nest of wires connected to the +ive terminal due to a lazy alarm install. I have moved them up next to the charcoal canister and have 1 tidy cable now connecing them all to the newly fitted distribution block.tic.


Engine Bay Part III

During all this I thought it was time to spruce up some of the paint in my engine bay. As I hadn't used any special paints some of the areas were looking a little tired and in need of some attention. First I had a go with the spark plug cover, it has seen better days so I just gave it another coat with matt black. I then painted the cap screws red to go with the theme but after seeing it on the car decided against the idea so went back to black. I also re-painted the battery cage cover, the radiator plate, the FMIC plate, the radiator clamps and various screws, nuts & bolts black. At the same time I painted the viscous fan bright red along with the bonnet shut switch.

IMAG0207-1000 IMAG0212-1000 IMAG0214-1000 IMAG0215-1000 IMAG0229-picsay IMAG0236-picsay


Ice Install Part III

I decided to re-wire most of the audio install in the boot. It was a complete mess of wires underneath the boxes. Unfortunately (less embarrassing for me) I don't have any "before" pictures, but you can trust me that it looked an absolute state.

I also got rid of the capacitor that I had in place as I think it was draining current from my battery, useless piece of junk regardless so it's gone.

First I wiped out the spaghetti, boot plastics and inserts. I then bought some nice spanking new cable and a couple of distribution blocks. I cut all the cable to length then tie wrapped it together to keep it neat-ish. I then worked the cable around the back quarter of the boot and into position for the fast plugs. I then wired up the fast plugs in each of the 3 positions required (for when the amps are in place). Excuse the dirty boot and grubby bits and bobs, I won't be cleaning until everything is final.

IMG_5171-800 IMG_5172-800  IMG_5173-800 cf360e02023ee84ebea28ac963a35928

I then put the LHS insert in place and checked the lengths etc.


Then it was time for the rest of the inserts, the board and fitting the carpet in place.

IMG_5185-800 IMG_5187-800

And then onto the test fitting. First the subs go in and get pushed right to the back, as I was test fitting I didn't bother wiring them in but each speaker has bullet connectors for quick release. The amp rack then sits on top of the subs/speakers while everything gets plugged in and then it gets slotted into space.

IMG_5193-800 IMG_5194-800 IMG_5196-800