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The Supras Timeline

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I've been working my bum off the last couple of days. The funny thing is that it doesn't look like I have done much.

I finished off all the wiring for the boot install, including heat shrinking all of the cables. They all run in behind the boot panels. The only cable missing is the one for the sub but I need to get some heavier speaker wire to do that.

3 power cables
3 earth cables
3 remote cables
4 sets of RCA cable
6 sets of speaker cable (sub will make 7)



Engine Bay Part III cont.

After that I moved back to the engine bay to get that finished off and put back together...

Painted viscous fan & cowling

IMG_5201-1000 IMG_5230-1000 IMG_5222-1000

Painted reservoir bottle and newly tidied battery installed


Repainted Rad clamps, Rad plate and FMIC plate


Overall Pics

IMG_5216-1000 IMG_5223-1000 IMG_5228-1000


Rear Lights

For ages I have wanted to get stock Jspec rear lights. Reason being I have always had UK spec and I prefer the "Afterburner" look. At the same time I decided to do the 'full on' fog light mod. Everything went great until I went to transfer the C-West light covers over..... I cracked one of them. This left me with a bit of a dilemma, either do without, buy new ones or tint the lenses. After having so much success with the ETech spray I decided to give that stuff a go. The results were VERY impressive. I'm going to give them a quick lacquer for that full on gloss finish.... still to do though. Picture shows the old UK spec above, and the new Jspec below.



And Again

Well so much for the rear lights lasting long. They have now been changed to facelift. You wouldn't know it but I just wanted them.



New Cooling Plate

Also got an ARP cooling plate for a good price. It was originally carbon but I sprayed it to match the rest of my engine bay.

IMG_6489-1000 IMG_6497-1000 IMG_6475-1000


Electronic Boost Controller

Next up was the boost controller. Picked up this little gadget from a member on Turns out it's a really well spec'd bit of kit. Fitted in perfectly to the air vent also.

IMG_6463-1000 IMG_6470-1000 IMG_6482-1000


Little Tidy

When fitting the boost controller I found that a couple of vac lines needed to be blocked off. As a temporary fix I used a screw to block it. This obviously needed looked at so eventually I got some nice red plugs that fit snugly in the ends. You can see one of them here.



Again? Wheely?

As you can also see in one of the pictures above I have fitted a Celica steering wheel to replace the IS200 wheel. I decided to keep the IS200 wheel as it is exactly the same as the facelift steering wheel, other than the badge, in case I fancy a change. Managed to get a hold of a TRD horn badge so fitted that also.

IMG_5360-1000 IMG_6457-1000


Decals Change

For a while the decals on my boot install have annoyed me. I have been going with a red/black theme since the very beginning, you may have noticed, and yet I decided to buy silver decals. This has now been rectified.



And so it begins - Single Turbo Install

Over the last year I have been saving my money and spending wisely in order to get my single turbo install underway. I decided that when my insurance ran out this year I would get cracking and go for it myself. Well... that day arrived on the 10th of August (yesterday) and I didn't mess about. This is the scariest and most exciting thing I have ever done with a car. Prior to owning the Supra the furthest I had taken a car regarding mechanics was a service. It's been a learn as I go project, and it's just went into overdrive. The aim by the end of all this is 700hp.


The Head Refresh

I bought a head from the supra forum that had been freshly cleaned, skimmed and had new valve stem seals. I bought a set of titanium valve springs and retainers to replace the stock items. The main reason for this is that I want to run just over 7k RPM. The aftermarket springs & retainers just give that bit of cushion. Here it is after all the hard graft.



Stripping Her Down

Before I started

IMG_7250-1200 IMG_7252-1200


And We're Off

IMG_7258-1200 IMG_7260-1200 IMG_7261-1200 IMG_7286-1200